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You'll be amazed at how easily you can do laundry & dishes in your dorm room or small apartment with the help of this convenient, portable washingmachine by TurboWash.

TurboWash Portable Ultrasonic Washing Machine

The TurboWash Portable Washing Machine is a mobile and compact option for washing your dirty laundry and dishes. This device saves time and money by washing your clothes quickly, any time and anywhere. Are you a broke college student who can't afford a washing machine, or don't have enough space? Are you traveling and don't want to pay for a laundromat? Are you planning a camping trip and have nowhere to wash your clothes? This small and powerful device will do all the work in under 30 minutes. 

Main Key Features

  • Four washing modes for different levels of Intensity.

  • Ultrasonic cleaning technology for deep and antibacterial cleaning.

  • Rigorously tested fordurability and resistance against water damage.

  • Energy, money and time-saving.

  • Perfect for travelers, dorm students, and people who refuse to do laundry and dishes.

Product Dimensions

Tips & Instructions

  • First, place the Portable Washing Machine in a bucket or sink.
  • Fill the sink with the clothes or dishes you want to wash and add sufficient water.
  • Add laundry detergent or dishwasher soap. 
  • Connect the USB plug to a power outlet.
  • Finally, select your preferred washing mode and press start to start washing.
  • When you are done turn off and unplug the device.

Package Includes

  • 1 x TurboWash Portable Washing Machine

  • 1 x Product Manual

Ultra-Compact Washing Machine for People on the Go

Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology

Uses ultrasonic cleaning power to penetrate deep into clothing fibers, airing out allergens and killing bacteria for deep and antibacterial cleaning.

Energy, money and time-saving

This washer is the perfect companion to any home’s laundry room. With 4 wash modes designed for different levels of intensity, this compact washer saves space and easily fits in small spaces where laundry facilities might not be available.

Perfect for Traveling

Perfect for travelers, dorm students, and people who refuse to do laundry and dishes.

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