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Tired of the mess your dog’s muddy and sandy paws leave behind? Our

Sparkly Paws Electric Cleaner

will be perfect for you and your lovely pet. Use the electric paw cleaner before coming in from a walk, and no more muddy paw prints on your floor. The gentle bristles and soft silicone cover provide a thorough cleaning without causing any harm to your furry friend’s paws. The washer function will remove dirt with ease while also massaging the paws during bath time or after a long walk.

Additional Features

  • Removable brush pad is made from baby-grade soft silicone

  • Suitable for small or medium-sized dogs & cats

  • Easy to clean & easy to assemble

  • Portable.. You can take it on the go!

  • No batteries needed

Product Details

Sparkly Paws Electric Cleaner is lined with a removable baby-grade soft silicone brush pad, the soft silicone brush will give your pets a soothing massage while removing stubborn dirt from their paws


  1. Pour 2/3 of water into the pet cleaner. (We recommend to add a small amount of shampoo for an extra deep cleanse.)
  2. Press the switch button and wash paws for 1-2 minutes.
  3. Dry your dogs or cats paws with a towel.
  4. Pour off the dirty water and take out the silicone pad for cleaning (Do not wash the Cleanser Cup.)

Package Includes

  • 1 x Sparkly Paws Electric Cleaner

  • 1 x USB cable

  • 1 x Product Manual

No More Germs in The House!

No dirty paws on the couch

No dirty paws on rugs

No dirty paws on the bed

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